10 Things to Keep April Showers at Bay


Rain Boots (available in 10 colors!): $19.99
Stay dry with these seriously adorable and well reviewed boots



Hiking/all Around Amazing and Waterproof Backpack: $15.99
Lose the cumbersome purse and haul all your stuff in this lightweight and durable pack!


This Rain Jacket with a 5 Star Rating: $42.99
Keep dry without having to hold a wet umbrella for the rest of the day


Inverted Umbrella: $24.99
Folds UP making it easier to get in your car, has a hands free handle! 



Rubber Flats: $24.49
In case you don't feel like fully committing to the rain boot all day but still don't want soggy shoes. 

Barometer: $21.99
The old school way to measure weather!
Sun Necklace: $15.95
This Gold plated necklace will remind you that sunnier days are ahead
Cozy Personalized Blanket: $44.99
Escape the rain altogether and cozy up on the couch with a good book or movie! 



Rain Scented Candle: $19.96
Keep that fresh nature smell in your house all day with this 4 pack of candles.

Singin' in the Rain DVD: $18.45
Treat yourself to this movie classic and you'll find yourself tap dancing down the street