14 Things Under $15 That'll Improve Your Life

Miss Meyer's Clean Day Soy Candle: $5.69
A quick little pick-me-up for those stressful days.


Super Cute Sandals: $13.99
The ideal summer accessory! 



 Sprout Paper Towel Holder: $12.85
A fun little way to spruce up your kitchen



Sink Caddy: $14.99
Organize your sink to your heart's desire



Matcha Green Tea Powder: $9.95
The miracle product! Linked to weight loss and relaxation, matcha can also be used as part of your skin regimen.  



Microwave Pop Corn Popper: $13.99
Lose the greasy and costly bags for this super simple tool



Throw Pillow: $12.99
A lux and inexpensive way to upgrade your living room or bedroom



Pore Foam: $9.95
Super amazing for oily skin, this cleanser will not disappoint 



Multi Pack, Gel Pens: $14.98
Make writing out that grocery list a little bit more fun



10 Minute Mindfulness: $11.69
Quick and easy ways to relax your mind and body 



Exfoliating Brush: $9.97
Great for razor burn and ingrown hairs


Taco Holder: $9.99
 Let's taco 'bout how amazing these are for weeknight dinners! 


Air Purifier: $9.99
A little bag to keep in your car to keep it smelling fresh and pure


Adult Coloring Book: $4.78
A relatively productive way to end your long hard day