20 Things Under $20 that are Beyond Amazing

Polishing Cloth: $6.99
This cult cloth will clean your jewelry and restore it to the-day-you-got-it shiny 


Super Cute Wrap Dress: $19.99
Flattering and flow-y outfit for day or night!


Silicone Baking Cups: $5.99
Stop messing around with annoying and wasteful tin foil cups for your cupcakes!


Apple Cider Vinegar: $5.60
The uses and health benefits are endless


Cabinet Storage: $13.87
added storage space never hurt anyone


Stackable Shelf: $14.87
Hip hip hooray for more space!


Avocado Spoon Rest: $9.90
A trendy little accessory that keeps your counters clean


Bear Trivet: $14.90
Cutest way to protect your countertops.


Owl Egg Timer: $12.99
Never overcook pasta again!


Cat Butt Magnets: $12.00
For all your cat butt magnet needs


Scratch off Jetsetter Map: $27.99
Keep track of where you've been and where you want to go!


Slim Wallet: $9.99
For when you want that minimalist vibe


48 Rolls of Washi Tape: $8.79
For your planner, walls, pictures, fridge and everything else!

Himalayan Salt Night Lamp: $13.99
Keep your child reassured in style


Cat Coasters: $9.99
To keep your coffee table in purrrfect condition


Finger Bowls: $14.99
Ideal for soy sauce, nuts, a place for your used teabag, and much more

Garlic Baker: $12.22
Once you start baking your garlic, you'll never go back



Mediterranean Terra Cotta Cazuela: $17.95
This traditional bake and serve dish will bring your dinner to the next level


3 Small Planters: $14.95
Planters for the easiest plant to keep alive



Giant Refill of Liquid Soap: $12.04
Because you can never wash your hands enough!