25 Things Under $25 Dollars We Can't Live Without

Aztec Healing Clay $8.70

Just apply water and see why this bizarre face clay has such a cult following! Get a facial for pennies with this jar, zero additives, chemicals, animal products, and 100% natural.



 Broom and Mop Hanger $12.84

Keep all your cleaning supplies out of the way and in one place!


Reusable Coffee Filters $10.65

Made in the USA from Organic Cotton, these easy to use coffee filters get you one step closer to living greenly (and economically)


 Foam Roller $18.99

You can pretty much improve any floor exercise as well as message and stretch out your muscles with this compact tool without cluttering up your living room. #WinWin


Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Treatment $6.90 

The ideal product for anyone with dry/frizzy/long/curly/tangled hair.  


 Grocery Bag Hooks $7.50

Yay! No more Superman-ing all your groceries to try and get them in one trip!


Tiny Coin Purse $8.49

This genuine leather purse is small enough to fit in your front pocket.  It's the perfect way to keep your wallet less bulky and keep track of every penny.


Memory Foam Slippers $19.99

These are technically 'for men' but comfy slippers know no gender! Pad around the house in these for a few hours and you'll never want to take them off!


Extra long 10 foot Smart Phone Chargers $11.49

Three of anything is always nice, especially something that you need multiple times a day and lose easily.


Memory Foam Bath Mat $12.99

The $12 way to turn your bathroom into a Spa.


Silicone Sponges, 3 pack $10.89

A cleaner way to clean is finally here! It won't mold and is dishwasher safe.


72 Votive Candles $19.99

Set the mood for any party or night in with this bulk purchase of clean burning candles.


Loose Tea Sampler $13.25

Six 4oz tins of flavored black tea, great for hot or iced beverages. 


130 Piece Sewing Kit $12.97


The perfect starter kit for any beginner, also great for travel, or to supplement a more advanced sewer's supply!


The Pop Socket $9.16 

Just stick it on the back of your phone for an easy and more comfortable grip.  Comes in multiple designs and colors. 


Travel Wallet $15.99

The perfect wallet for globe trotters! Big enough to fit a Passport safely.  It's durable and light weight enough to become your next 'mom wallet' too.


Resistance Loop Exercise Bands $10.95

A small tool can make a huge difference! Use these for a few minutes a day and feel the results after a few weeks!


All-purpose Natural Surface Cleaner $16.30

This safer method of cleaning is great for anyone with allergies, sensitive skin, or young children. 


All Natural Face Cleaner $17.07

An all-natural skin regimen that helps you and the environment!


Bella Personal Sized Rocket Blender $17.98

A super small, powerful, and easy to clean gadget to make smoothies for one.


Diamond Dazzle Stick $5.36

The all-around best jewelry cleaner; the small brush can get into even the tightest settings and corners of your rings, clasps, and settings.


 Sugar Cookie Mix, pack of 9 $18.22

We all need a sweet treat sometimes...!


High Waisted Leggings $22.99

Super high waisted for a super snug and flattering fit.  Do your cardio or binge watch Netflix in these bad boys!


Japanese Style Cast Iron Tea Kettle $23.99

Drink your tea out of this traditional and delightful vessel.


UV Wooden Sunglasses $23.97

Not all sunglasses are created equally. Fully protect your eyes with these polarized 100% UV blocking shades!