Best Beauty Hack Buys You Can Prime!

 Organic Face Lotion: $25.99

Super soft and luxurious, take care of yourself, you only get one face!


Witch Hazel: $6.99

That bottle that was always in your grandmother's bathroom cabinet is actaully a lifesaver! Use it as a toner, for acne, or for miner aches and pains.  This stuff does it all!



 Eyebrow Shaper: $4.05

This microblade will save you a trip to the salon! Gentle enough to use anywhere on your face, as well as your bikini line.


Deva Curl: $17.30

This amazingly reviewed curl product will tame even the frizziest, most unruly set of curls for days at a time.



Curl Pack, $12.99

 Use on wet or dry hair, these foam curlers work on all types of hair and are comfy enough to sleep in!



O'Keeffe's Foot Cream, $9.26

The companion of nurses and laborers, O'Keeffe's will turn even the most rough and cracked feet into little soft dreams.


SPF Face Lotion, $23.99

Protect your delicate face from the harsh rays of the sun, even when you're not at the beach.  A dab of this in the morning will keep your skin looking fresh and young.



Jelly Gloves and Socks, $25.99

Pamper yourself with these jelly socks and gloves! Sleep in them or wear them while you watch TV for the deepest moisturized feel ever!


Silk Sleep Mask, $13.99

It's just science that the darker the room, the better you sleep! Cherish every minute you're given with this 100% silk mask.



Sleep Powder, $24.99

Non habit forming and gentle way to fall asleep, for when the stress of the day won't let you rest.