How Many of these 15 Investment Staples do you Already Own?

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer: $259.99
Maybe this was on your wedding registry or maybe you never got rid of your $20 hand mixer, but this pricy gadget is worth its weight in gold to any baker or serious cook 


Electric Toothbrush: $99.97
Still use that toothbrush your dentist gives you twice a year or have you moved on to bigger and faster moving things?

Memory Foam Pillow: $29.99
$30 for one pillow seems outlandish until you rest your head upon such richness and see the light you've been missing.
Dutch Oven: $49.99
The absolute best stove-to-oven cookware on the planet, plus they last forever and come in a million super cute colors!

Glass Tupperware Set: $45.99
Whatever the heck BPA is keep it away from our food! Although we're sure there are many of you out there that reuse the Chinese food containers over and over again until they melt into a blob.

An Amazing Facial Cleanser: $19.95
Hopefully everyone checks this off their list because cheap soap just doesn't cut it for the face anymore!


Crystal Wine Glasses: $66.30
Was this another item on your registry somehow all your guests managed to pass over, or is your  China cabinet full of it? Either way they are a beautiful and timeless thing to own and pass on!


  A REALLY nice Humidifier: $89.99 
The best tool to keep that dry skin at bay, but maybe you're the type of person who doubles up on the lotion for half the year instead.
A GOOD Vacuum Cleaner: $129.00
Do you have the vacuum that needs to go over the rug 12x before getting almost half the dirt, or have you given yourself an upgrade already?
Extra Virgin Olive Oil: $46.95
You know, the real stuff: cold pressed, single organ, not diluted down with other oils.  The stuff that with one good glug will transform your entire meal to Italy.
Ninja Blender: $76.99
Another product that maybe fell through the cracks but is such a time-saver that it's worth the cash!
LifeProof Smart Phone Case: $42.76
It may feel outrageous to pay 40 bucks for a piece of plastic, but it will feel even more outrageous to pay 100 bucks for a piece of glass to replace your cracked screen. 
Face Steamer: $59.99
Maybe this seems decadent to someone who has never used such a magic contraption, but believe us, this is well worth the money for bright, tight, and happy skin! 


Fluffy Comforter to Keep all Year around: $38.99
Do you have a soft and beautiful blanket that stays on your bed all year, or are you constantly adding and subtracting depending on the weather?